Review Policy & Contact

Hello! Thanks for considering me to review your book!

What You Should Include

  • Picture of Cover
  • Summary (or Goodreads link)
  • Release date
  • Publisher
  • Any expectations of when the review will be posted

Genres I Will Review

  • Young Adult (all genres)
  • Adult (most genres)
  • Upper Middle Grade
  • At the moment I will not accept non-fiction for review.

Forms Accepted

  • Physical Copy (ARC or Finished)
  • Digital (I have a Kindle)

About My Reviews

  • All reviews will include release date, publisher, summary of the book, and my rating.
  • I will be using book covers and summaries from Goodreads, unless otherwise stated.
  • My reviews will be completely honest, and my own opinion.
  • If I accept a book for review, there is no guarantee it will receive a positive review.
  • I will be posting all reviews to Goodreads and Amazon on request.
  • I am interested in hosting a giveaway.


If you have any questions or would like to contact me about a review, feel free to email me at

1 comment :

  1. I would love to have you review my new book, THE SOUND PRINCE AND THE POCKET DRAGON. Looking for honest reviews!

    Check out the website. I can gift you an ebook on Amazon. Let me know your interest. Kate