Monday, October 10, 2016

September Wrap Up

Well it hasn't been that long since I posted my August Wrap Up. There isn't too much I really need to update you guys on. I'm still working on a schedule for myself to make sure I'm posting consistently. The closer we get to the end of the year the more stressed out I will get. I'm almost done with cosmetology school and I'm preparing to take my test to get my license. If it gets a little too hectic I might have to stop blogging for a while but I try to make a post if that happens.

New to My Shelves

I'm feeling a little less lazy this time around so I decided to include the books that I got in September. I thought I didn't do that bad but after filming my book haul I realized I got I got almost the same amount of books as last month. I blame it on Book Outlet!

Books I Read

The Deal (reread 4.5 stars) | The Mistake (4.5 stars)

What Light (2.5 stars) | The Last of the Firedrakes (2.5 stars)

2016 Reading Challenge

I came so close to finishing my overall reading goal of 52 books at the end of August that I finished it within the first couple weeks of September. Since I was able to finish that goal I've been trying to be a little more focused on completing the Around the Year in Books challenge. However I may change my mind and just read whatever for the rest of the year.

To Come in October

I've been having a good reading month so far which I'm excited about. I feel there's so much I want to read but there just isn't enough time. I'm slowly making my way through my unread physical books. I really want to participate in in NanoWriMo this year since last year was a complete fail for me. I'm mentioning this now because if I do participate I want to start planning now and with my already busy schedule it can affect my blogging.

How was September for you? Is there anything you're really looking forward to in October?

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