Tuesday, December 13, 2016

October/November Wrap Up

So we are already in December and the year is almost over. I told myself that I would strart being more active on this blog since I wouldn't be able to film for a while but clearly that didn't happen. I will be finishing up my hours for cosmetology school on Wednesday so that should free up some more of my time. Since I have been seriously slacking here is my wrap up for the past 2 months.

New to My Shelves in October

New to My Shelves in November

Books I Read in October

The Grownup (4 stars) | The Score (5 stars) | Food Wars Volume 14 (5 stars)

The Stone Keeper (3 stars) | The Goal (5 stars) | Frostblood (4 stars)

A Monster Calls (5 stars) | Monster (5 stars) | The Titan's Curse (4.5 stars)

Sex Criminals Volume 1 (2 stars) | Anya's Ghost (3 stars)

Books I Read in November

Shadow and Bone (4.5 stars) | Doubt Volume 1 (4 stars) | Doubt Volume 2 (4.5 stars)

Vasilia the Beautiful (3 stars) | The Selection (3.5 stars) | Why We Broke Up (4 stars)

Bad Romeo Christmas (4 stars) | Siege and Storm (4 stars)

2016 Reading Challenge

At this point my main goal is to finish as many books on the Around the Year in 52 Books challenge. As of today (the day I'm posting this) I have 11 books to read to finish this challenge. I highly doubt I will finish this challenge but I know at least a few of the books I would like to read during the rest of the month will work for some of the challenges. As far as the Finishing the Series challenge, I think I will use this as an ongoing challenge for myself.

What's Happening in December

Since we are almost halfway through the month I figured it would be best to just update you guys on the second half of the month. If you don't already know Cramathon, created/hosted by WhittyNovels, will be taking place December 16-23. I will be participating since I think sometimes it's fun having reading challenges to complete during a week. Like I mentioned before, I'll be done with school by the middle of this week so that should mean more time for reading. Also, this month I want to start really investing time into my writing!

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

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