Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Almost 10 Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme is Ten Facts About Me. I think this is a fun way for you guys to get to know a little bit about me and also a way for me to get back into blogging since I have been seriously slacking!

1. I'm a summer baby and a Leo. My birthday is July 24 and I will be turning 24 this year!

2. I'm currently in cosmetology school (I honestly don't know what to do with my life) because I have a passion for hair and learning how to take of it!

3. My ultimate career goal is to be a writer.

4. I love the idea of organization/being organized but I'm probably one of the most unorganized people ever.

5. I'm the only girl of all my siblings.

6. I am a self proclaimed foodie! I love to cook and eat of course lol. I'm willing to try almost any kind of food.

7. I started a Booktube channel for anyone who doesn't already know.

8. I don't really know how to drive. Trying to work on that so I can get my license this year.

9.  I say 'bless you' to almost everyone who sneezes.

I thought this would be a lot easier but it was hard to come up with facts about myself! I couldn't come up with 10 but hopefully you enjoyed the ones I came up with. What's some facts about you?

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  1. I'm the same way, even if I don't know the person, I say "Bless You" out of habit. Happy early birthday! :)

    My Top Ten Tuesday!