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Tormented Soul (Storm Trilogy #1) by Dylann Rhea | Review

Tormented Soul (Storm Trilogy #1) by Dylann Rhea
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: January 13, 2015
Genre: YA, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 307
Source: Won in a Goodreads Giveaway
Favorite Quote: "Everyone's heart is as fragile as glass. Some people can't help but lock theirs in an iron box for no one to see."
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Goodreads Description

Seattle is best known for its welcoming and diverse culture, but Kaden cannot seem to grasp the life it offers. When Megan, Kaden’s best friend, decides it’s time to hit the night life, it turns into a night they will never forget. Megan mysteriously disappears and Kaden is the only one invested in finding her. Along the way she meets an unusual ally, Finley, who reveals a world beyond the ordinary streets of Seattle. Kaden finds herself pulled into a dark world of fae as the two struggle to locate Megan before it’s too late.

My Thoughts

Whenever I decide to read a self published novel I always get a little worried. I usually think that there might not have been enough editing done or there might not be enough development with the characters and/or the world. This novel surprised me!

When I first started reading I immediately thought of Lost Girl, the TV show. That mainly had to do with the fae world, and there being two different sides (light and dark fae). It also reminded me of the beginning of City of Bones in a few areas throughout the book. I tried really hard not to compare plot points of Tormented Soul to Lost Girl but there were just so many moments that it was obvious that they were very similar. However this story is still unique. 

Looking at the characters, I couldn't say I loved them but I didn't dislike them. I didn't find myself connecting with any of the characters. I felt bad for Kaden when it came to her mom and was happy that she and her sister were so close. I liked Finley but he confused me. I didn't understand why he took interest in and helped Kaden. I get that he wanted to see what the dark fae were up to and stop them but he could have done that without getting involved with Kaden. Although it wasn't the focus of this book, there was a hint that there might be a romantic relationship between Kaden and Finley later on. I didn't have any strong feelings about Megan. She just seemed to be there to give an excuse for Kaden's introduction to the fae world.

I was a little disappointed with the way things ended with Megan. I was expecting that scene to be climactic but it just happened and then was over and nothing else could be done. At some point during the novel there's a flashback of Kaden and Megan, and to be honest it was kind of creepy. Megan gave Kaden some stone and when Kaden said something about liking it Megan said, "You won't." This lead me to believe that there was more to Megan and her family. I thought maybe they were part of the fae world and that was part of the reason she was taken. However, this was never brought up again and neither was Kaden's interest in collecting stones that was mentioned during that chapter. This could have been something to make the story and Megan more interesting. 

This book doesn't seem very long but so much happened. The most surprising thing is that, besides the flash backs, everything that happened took place over the course of over three days! Overall, this book was really enjoyable. There were some things I questioned or didn't like but those moments didn't take away too much from my enjoyment level. I'm interested in picking up the next book in the series and seeing how this story continues.

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